September 4, 2016




I source opportunities and produce development appraisals to establish strategic options and viability. This involves market research, market comparable analysis and building a model to ensure information is clear and a decision can be made easily. The properties I source includes off-market opportunities via contacts and a network I have built over the years.


I develop bespoke marketing strategies to effect optimum results. This includes marketing literature (CGIs, brochures, artwork – site branding), micro sites, video content and harnessing social media. My work also involves assessing local agents best suited for the sales and monitoring their activity for best results. Key to the marketing strategy is creating a timeline that the team can work to along with key milestones that ensure as much is done off-plan or in advance of completion as possible.


Due diligence and site visits are carried out in all my work, working closely with the client and their relevant teams in communicating and presenting information that meets compliance and final approval.


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